Warehouse and Laden Tank Container Depot

Strategic location, provides storage, distributive processing and delivery services for the dangerous and other general cargoes. The storage of different classes of Dangerous Goods is in compliance with international segregation and stowage guidelines. Fully equipped with safety equipment & security system.

DG & General Warehouse

⦁ Selective racking storage

⦁ Floor loading capacity 3.5 tons

⦁ Fully Fire Fighting System

⦁ 24/7 Service and Security System

⦁ Chemical Suite

⦁ Gas, Smoke and Flame Detector

⦁ Fire Resistant Wall

⦁ Foaming Generator System


⦁ Chemist & Safety @ warehouse

⦁ Annual Emergency Drills

DG Temperature Controlled Warehouse (+5 to +10°C)

⦁ 5 - 10 degree Celsius for Temperature Controlled

⦁ Warehouse area 150 m²

⦁ Emergency power supply

⦁ Measures to flood

⦁ 24-hour manned monitoring

⦁ Digital temperature recording

Laden Tank Container Depot

⦁ Storage of imported ISO Tank container

⦁ Temporary Laden storage during a factory periodic maintenance or factory space not available

⦁ Storage of export ISO Tank container in case the problem of documentation or vessel causes