ISO Tank Container

We have wide range of equipments suitable for all your purposes & Worldwide Service – (NRS Tank & Agent of Interflow Tank)

Tank Container Lease & Rental, Sales of brand new tank & 2nd hand tank container

Flexibility to provide wide range of equipments, perfectly fit to your operation and specialized cargo

ISO Tank Container Cleaning, Heating, Repairing & Maintenance (including statutory testing)

We arrange the repair, periodic inspection and disposal of residue at the facility, which is fully complying with environmental & legal requirement

One way tank

International Standard One Way Tank Fleet, lease not required, empty return is not necessary. More than 6,000 the fleets available worldwide for one way, no need to re-import, nor paying storage fee and always ready to use (clean, check-up, refurbish and repair)

Dedicated Tank

Products with high Specific Gravity may will need dedicated tanks, serve high hazard products & products which are sensitive to contamination. Cleaning between loads is not required, no longer concern cross contamination

Features of ISO Liquid Tank Container